Hayley Gerda

Mad Toto Staff Photo- Hayley

Operations Liaison Hayley is enthusiastically joining Team Toto with a background in what she lovingly refers to as chaos management. She will serve as the Operations Liaison, which entails wearing many hats at one time, including a yarmulke if need be. Hayley works directly with the executive team, in every aspect keeping everything in motion! Outside […]

Kris Klinko

Mad Toto Staff Photo- Kris

Accounting Kris is the new leader of the Accounting Department, and she handles all of Toto’s cash. With over 16 years experience in the accounting world, she has a knack for pinching pennies, and is a Quickbooks whiz. Outside of the office, she and her husband own various rental properties in the DFW area. Kris […]


Staff Photo- Toto

Resident Rodent Toto is the peace loving, pipe toking, mantra chanting, slightly dazed but lovable mascot of Mad Toto products and designs. You will find Toto more often than not enjoying the great outdoors; hiking mountain trails in the summer, shredding them in the winter, catching a killer wave, or even zoning out at a massive […]

Erik Vasquez

Team Toto - Mad toto - Erik Vasquez

Sales Rep Erik joins Team Mad Toto as part of the sale department.  With direction from the VP of Sales and Marketing, Erik’s focus with Mad Toto is to scale the brand to eventually be one of the most visible purveyors of stash boxes, 420 kits, glass pipe cases, apparel, and other extreme gear in […]

Michelle Marcus

Mad Toto Staff Photo- Michelle

Executive Liaison Ms. Marcus is a multi-faceted broadcast professional, known affectionately as “Glitter,” and once you see her shine on the sales floor, you will never have to ask why. Michelle joins the Mad Toto staff with over ten years of experience in Broadcast Public Relations, Client Services and Television News Producing. She has worked […]

Colin Roy

Mad Toto Staff Photo- Colin

Senior VP Colin has been working with Dean on various projects for over a decade, and currently mans many positions in the Mad Toto offices. From maintaining daily logistics and operations,  handling the company network and IT infrastructure, managing advertising and label / product design for the company, to developing the world wide web presence […]

Dean Elliott

Staff Photo- Dean

Founder / CEO Dean Elliott is the larger than life Founder & CEO of Mad Toto, and other ventures. Dean is what might be considered a serial entrepreneur, having been a part of what seems to be every industry imaginable since earning his liberal arts degree from NYU. Starting in the late 90′s, Dean was […]