Your Choice- Toto 2.0, Hat & Shirt


• Personalize Your Own Toto Bundle 

• $66 If Purchased Individually!

• Choose Any Toto 2.0, Any Shirt, And Any Hat

• Accesorize Your Way!

• Get Your Goodies, Save Some Cash!

• This Message Has Been Approved By Team Toto

*Note – reset the size filter to view all options for each component


Your Choice- Toto 2.0, Hat & Shirt Bundle

Mix and match your favorite Toto gear, and save your dough for dank! Pick your favorite Toto 2.0, plus any Toto flat brim hat, and a matching T shirt from our ever expanding catalog, and keep some of that hard earned cash in your pocket! Don’t forget to choose your sizes! Makes a great gift.


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