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Staff Photo- Dean

Dean Elliott

Founder / CEO

Dean Elliott is the larger than life Founder & CEO of Mad ...

Mad Toto Staff Photo- Michelle

Michelle Marcus

Executive Liaison

Ms. Marcus is a multi-faceted broadcast professional, known affectionately as “Glitter,” and ...

Mad Toto Staff Photo- Colin

Colin Roy

Senior VP

Colin has been working with Dean on various projects for over a ...

Mad Toto Staff Photo- Randall

Randall Ramyad

Warehouse Manager

Randall joined our team after moving to Texas from New York. ...

Team Toto - Mad toto - Erik Vasquez

Erik Vasquez

Sales Rep

Erik joins Team Mad Toto as part of the sale department.  With ...

Staff Photo- Toto


Resident Rodent

Toto is the peace loving, pipe toking, mantra chanting, slightly dazed but ...

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Mad Toto Staff Photo- Kris

Kris Klinko


Kris is the new leader of the Accounting Department, and she handles ...

Kia Zaman


Kia is enthusiastically joining the Mad Toto team with a background in ...