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Thanks for visiting us at MadToto.com! The official homepage of Mad Toto 420 stash kits and cases, what we like to call – innovative lifestyle products. This is the 420 friendly home of our Resident Rodent, Toto. Mad Toto is a manufacturer of dope gear. What is dope gear? We make 420 kits, glass pipe cases, & extreme sports apparel and accessories, like crush proof stash kits and tube cases in a variety of colors and sizes, plus non stick silicone containers and other tools for the stickiest goos. Try it, you’ll love it – then we can deck you out in our Toto 420 clothing, including hats, shirts and even sleep masks. Quoting our founder,

“Mad Toto started as a branding concept, from a dream I had one after a long day of hitting the slopes in Crested Butte, Colorado. We worked out the style, colors and logo before we ever landed on the specific product we were going to make. Even now, the ideas are ever changing…”

The Original Toto Case is a favorite among extreme sports enthusiasts, and has been field tested by some of the best snowboarders in Crested Butte and throughout Colorado. The new Toto 2.0 is sure to make a wave with boarders, bikers, and surfers alike. Stay tuned to MadToto.com for all our newest ideas, brands, and products… find our latest creations in the Toto Shop!

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