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Dean Elliott - Founder / CEO

Dean Elliott

Founder / CEO

Dean Elliott is the larger than life Founder & CEO of Mad ...

Michelle Marcus - Sales

Michelle Marcus

Executive Liaison

Ms. Marcus is a multi-faceted broadcast professional, known affectionately as “Glitter,” and ...

Colin Roy - Creative Director

Colin Roy

Senior VP

Colin has been working with Dean on various projects for over a ...

Randall Ramyad - Warehouse Manager

Randall Ramyad

Warehouse Manager

Charlie Hustle - Mad Toto Creative Director

Charlie Hustle

Creative Director

Recently released from a Tijuana Correctional Facility for wayward youths on behalf ...

Kris Klinko - Accounting

Kris Klinko


Kris is the new leader of the Accounting Department, and she handles ...

Mad Toto


Resident Rodent

Toto is the peace loving, pipe toking, mantra chanting, slightly dazed but ...

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Oliva Edwards - Shipping

Ollie Edwards


Ollie is the newest addition to the Toto team, she helps handle pulling your ...

Adam Curtis -

Adam Curtis

Sales Rep / Athlete

Adam Curtis is a Texas native who decided to move out west ...

Hayley Gerda - Mad Toto Operations Liaison

Hayley Gerda

Operations Liaison

Hayley is enthusiastically joining Team Toto with a background in what she lovingly ...