Orange Kush


• Save 25% With This Orange Kush Toto Bundle

• Includes A Toto 2.0 420 kit, A Small Tube Case, And A 3ml Silicone Jar

• $40 Retail Value When Bought Separately

• Free Shipping On All Orders!

• All They Really Need Is Kush And Orange Juice

The Sparky Case 2.0

In stock

Small Tube Case

Silicone Non-Stick Puck - 3ml

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Orange Kush Bundle

While I’m gettin mine, homie I ain’t got the time. Face in the clouds, feelin’ like time is on my side. Wait, what? Nevermind, save 25% when you buy the Orange Kush bundle from Mad Toto, and get matching cases for your kush and OJ.

In this specially priced bundle, you will find a Toto 2.0 Sparky 420 Kit, an orange Small Tube / Pipe Case, and a 3ml Silicone Jar. Show your love for the word with no rhymes, and the Resident Rodent, and save big at the same time. Free shipping on all orders!


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