Toto Conversion Kit 1.2


• Converts Toto 1.0 kits into 2.0 kits

• Dual Silicone Storage Jars

• Your Choice Of Colors!

• Foam Insert To Keep Contents Secure

Silicone Non- Stick Puck - 10ml

Silicone Non- Stick Puck - 10ml

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Toto Converstion Kit 1.2

Have a killer Toto 1.0 kit, but want to convert it to the new 2.0? Maybe you prefer the double silicone jar containers, and want to keep your original storage case to keep your contacts in? The 1.2 conversion kit will transform your Toto 1.0 into a Toto 2.0 in a breeze. Just swap out the foam liner along with the storage containers, and voila! Instant Toto 2.0.


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